Preventing Swimmer’s Calculus for Healthy Smiles

Summer is synonymous with sun, fun, and cooling off in the pool.

While swimming is a fantastic way to beat the heat, it can also bring an unexpected guest to your dental health party—swimmer’s calculus.

But fret not! With a few simple tips, you can keep your pearly whites healthy and white all summer.

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Hydration is Key

One of the leading culprits behind swimmer’s calculus is dehydration. Saliva neutralizes acids and maintains a healthy pH level in your mouth.

However, prolonged exposure to pool water can reduce saliva production, allowing acidic substances to wreak havoc on your enamel. Ensure you stay well-hydrated before, during, and after your swimming sessions to promote saliva flow and protect your teeth.

Pre-Swim Rinse

Before you make a splash, rinse under the shower. A pre-swim rinse with fresh water helps remove residual chemicals, like chlorine, from your mouth. This proactive step can significantly reduce the risk of developing a swimmer’s calculus. It minimizes exposure to harmful substances that can erode enamel.

Post-Swim Oral Care Routine

After your aquatic adventures, prioritize your oral health. Start by swishing with a fluoride mouthwash to help neutralize acids and strengthen your enamel. Follow up with a thorough brushing using fluoride toothpaste to remove any remaining pool chemicals and plaque. Don’t forget to floss to reach the nooks and crannies between your teeth, where bacteria love to hide.

Visit Signature Smiles for Regular Dental Check-ups in Regina, SK

Regular dental exams are always important for oral health, but they’re also key for preventing and catching swimmer’s calculus. Dental professionals can detect early signs of swimmer’s calculus and other oral health issues.

At Signature Smiles, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Our team of experienced dentists is here with complete dental care services.

Don’t let swimmer’s calculus spoil your summer fun—schedule your dental exam with Signature Smiles general dental clinic today!

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