Dentistry For Seniors Regina SK

Oral hygiene and dental care are critical at every stage of life, but our teeth become weaker more prone to dental issues as we age. Missing teeth, extensive cavities, or broken teeth negatively impact the quality of life, particularly diet, which directly affects our health.
Signature Smiles team of general dentists offers the  senior dentistry for you and your family members. Our team will help you or your senior loved one smile, talk, and eat better with our senior dental care in Regina, SK.

Senior Dental Care

Signature Smiles offers a comprehensive list of dental services for seniors in our Regina office. We will meet your oral health care needs and help you address the appearance and function of your smile for many years. Some of the dental services our senior patients use include:

Aged Women Smiling After Having a Treatment Done by Dentist for Seniors in Regina, SK

What to Look In For a Dentistry For Seniors in Regina?

As a senior, you need a dentist that will understand your needs and provide effective treatment. Some qualities to look for in a dentistry for seniors in Regina, SK includes:

  • Experience with older adults. When choosing a dentist, you want someone with experience in dealing with similar cases. Senior dentistry has unique factors to consider. Look for a dentist that has ample experience with seniors’ dental care.
  • Education. Of course, you need a qualified dentist. Always make sure your dentist has the correct educational background and qualifications to treat you.
  • Compassion and patience. Working with older patients requires understanding and patience. Your dentist should demonstrate customer service by being attentive to your needs, explaining processes and procedures, and making scheduling easy for you.

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Senior Dental Care in Regina

Consistent dental care helps you enjoy a higher quality of life for longer, which is why it’s so important as we age. Signature Smiles provides senior dental services (not as a specialist) in Regina, SK, and we ensure our senior patients receive quality care.

Easily book your appointment for senior dental care online today by heading to our online portal.

Frequently Asked

Senior dental care requires some unique considerations. You should look for a dentist with a wide range of experience with various dental services and with older adults specifically. Choose a dentist that provides compassionate care and understands the unique aspects of senior dental care.
Taking care of your teeth is critical at every stage in life. As we age, it only becomes more important. Too often, seniors do not get the dental care that they need, which leads to many oral health issues. Dental care helps prevent teeth from falling out, which helps older adults enjoy life to the fullest.

There are many dental services that older adults can benefit from depending on their oral health needs. Some of the most common dental services for seniors we offer at our general dental clinic include:

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