Family Dentistry
Regina SK

Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s practice offers family dentistry services so your entire family can achieve excellent oral health. We offer quality dental care in Regina, SK and we are passionate about educating patients of all ages about oral hygiene practices and their benefits.
Our goal is to give every member of your family a shining and healthy smile throughout their lifetime.

Family Dentistry Regina

Benefits of Family

While oral health is very important, we understand how frustrating it can be to bring every family member to a different location for their dental services. That’s why Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s office provides comprehensive family dentistry services. With us, you can bring your entire family to one location for their dental health needs. The benefits of Signature Smiles family dentistry include:
  • The convenience of having all of the dental services your family needs in one place.
  • Preventative dentistry to individuals at every single stage in life.
  • Education for our youngest patients about the proper technique and importance of brushing and flossing their teeth.
  • Monitoring of children’s teeth to ensure their adult teeth come in properly.
  • Dental services that meet the needs of many teens, including mouth guards and braces.
  • Common adult dental health services like veneers, whitening, and bonding services.
  • Crowns, bridges, and dentures to ensure our senior patients can enjoy food and healthy smiles throughout their golden years.

Family Dentistry with Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s Practice

Signature Smiles dental office provides quality family dentistry services in Regina. We take care of all of your family’s dental problems while working hard to prevent them from ever starting. Our team has experience in caring for patients of all ages and is ready to make your family dentistry experience a positive one. To learn more about our family dentistry services or to schedule appointments for the whole family, contact Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s office HERE.
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