Teeth Whitening
Regina SK

Your smile is one of the first ways you make an impression, and it is no surprise that everyone loves a sparkling white smile. Unfortunately, time and lifestyle can change the colouring of your teeth. If you notice your teeth are not as white as they have been in the past and long for a stunning white smile, professional teeth whitening at Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s practice in Regina, SK, could be the treatment for you.

Benefits of
Teeth Whitening

Our natural teeth are often tinged with grey or yellow. Over the years, the colour may become darker due to exposure to certain environmental factors. Foods like berries, wine, coffee, and tomato sauce will stain your teeth. Also, habits such as smoking and regular intake of certain medications will drastically change your smile’s shade.

Teeth whitening at Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s office in Regina is an effective method for removing stains and providing your teeth with a bright, white finish. Our Zoom whitening system removes the stained substances without altering the structure of your tooth. Professional teeth whitening treatment is a simple procedure that will:
  • Restore the beauty to your smile
  • Make your teeth appear much brighter and whiter
  • Give you the confidence you deserve to showcase your smile.

Zoom Whitening in Regina

The experienced team at Signature Smiles in Regina uses only the top-of-the-line whitening system for teeth whitening. First, we will examine your dental history and concerns to determine if Zoom whitening is right for you. With our Zoom in-office whitening, we can whiten your teeth dramatically up to eight shades in only 45 minutes. We use the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp to accelerate the bleaching process and activate the whitening agent. We will provide you with appropriate oral hygiene recommendations and the Zoom home touch-up kit to help you maintain the whitening treatment results. Teeth whitening is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your smile drastically. Dull or discoloured teeth can significantly affect your confidence. Achieve amazing results with teeth whitening treatment in our Regina office. To learn more about our Zoom teeth whitening procedure or to schedule your consultation, contact us today.
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