Restorative Dentistry Regina SK

Restorative dentistry includes dental treatments to replace missing or damaged teeth. The end goal of dental restorations in Regina, SK is to return the function and appearance of your complete smile.

At Signature Smiles general dental clinic in Regina, SK, we offer restorative dentistry services including dental implants, crowns & bridges, dentures, and more (not as a specialist).

We can address any damage or gaps in your smile to improve the look and function of your teeth. Our goal is to help you keep your teeth as healthy as possible using restorative treatments when necessary.

Restorative Dentist
in Regina, SK

Our general dental office in Regina offers several restorative dentistry services. Some of our common dental restoration options include:

Dental Fillings: Teeth fillings are a common restoration we use to treat tooth decay like cavities. We can use gold, silver, or tooth-colored material to fill your tooth and restore its shape and strength.

Teeth Crowns: Tooth crowns are a cap that we fit onto your tooth to fix its shape and appearance. We may also install a crown to hold your bridge in place.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are attached to your jaw to provide a durable tooth replacement.

Bridges: These teeth fill the gap left by a missing tooth, and may be anchored by crowns on neighboring teeth or permanently attached.

Dentures: Removable teeth replacement appliances that work well to replace several missing teeth. We offer partial and complete dentures in Regina.

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Resolve missing or damaged teeth with restorative dentistry services from our Regina general dental office today. Our dental team will assess your smile to help you determine which restoration options may be best for you. Learn more about restorative dentistry today by booking your appointment with Signature Smiles in Regina, SK.
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