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Wisdom tooth extraction may seem like a daunting procedure, but our general dental team at Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s in Regina, SK practice is here to help. We offer tooth extractions at our Regina dental clinic. Our general dentists will do all we can to ensure a comfortable procedure.

Surgeon Performing Teeth Removal Surgery In Regina, SK

What You Need To Know About
Tooth Extractions?

When there is extensive damage to a tooth, a tooth is negatively impacting your other teeth, or the surrounding structures cannot support a tooth, tooth extraction may be necessary. We aim to do everything in our power to preserve the natural teeth, by using other dental treatments. Still, when extractions are required, you can count on the general dentist, Dr. Greg Konotopetz in Regina, SK for quality dental service and care.

Before scheduling an extraction, one of our dentists at Signature smiles in Regina, SK, will consult with you on the procedure itself and pain management options. We understand that just the thought of tooth extraction will make some of our patients anxious; therefore, we want to offer you various options to make this process stress- and pain-free. While some swelling and discomfort after tooth extraction are normal, the recovery is generally quite simple.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

While wisdom tooth extraction is the last resort we use when treating any dental condition, in some cases, it is the best solution for the problem. Some benefits of tooth extraction include:
  • Prevents the spread of tooth decay and infection to keep the rest of your mouth healthy
  • Resolves overcrowding issues that can cause misalignments and other dental issues
  • It relieves pain and allows you to have a more functional mouth.

The idea of any tooth removal, including wisdom tooth extraction, can undoubtedly be scary, but our team at Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s in Regina, SK office is here to help. How do you know if tooth extraction is necessary? Consult one of our dentists at our Regina office via a dental exam.

Learn more about the wisdom teeth removal process by our general dentists and schedule your consultation today by
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Frequently Asked

Tooth extraction is by no means the first treatment considered. Dentists only recommend tooth extraction when other treatment options are not feasible and if you have certain dental issues including overcrowding, severely broken or decayed teeth, and severe periodontal disease.
Most people do not have enough room in their mouths to fit wisdom teeth. Allowing them to attempt to erupt can cause impactions, crowding, misalignment, and more. The experience is quite painful and uncomfortable, which is part of the reason why wisdom teeth removal is a common recommendation.
Most dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth as soon as they realize there will not be room for this. Late teenage years is a common time to remove wisdom teeth, and young patients tend to heal quicker and with fewer complications. However, if you are older it is not too late to have them removed.
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