Dental Bridge
Regina, SK

A dental bridge is a fixed, non-removable prosthesis supported by your natural teeth or dental implants that fills in a gap caused by missing teeth. Tooth bridges are typically made of gold, metal, alloys, or porcelain and are incredibly durable. If you are missing one tooth or even multiple teeth in a row, the team at Signature Smiles can help you restore your smile with a dental bridge procedure in Regina SK.

Patient Undergoing Dental Bridge Procedure in Regina, SK

Benefits of a Dental Bridge Treatment

A dental bridge fills in the area where one or more teeth are missing. Our  team recommends dental bridges to:

  • Restore your ability to speak, chew, and eat as usual.
  • Restore the beautiful appearance of your smile.
  • Enhance the shape and volume of your face.
  • Serve as a better alternative to removable partial dentures.
  • Keep your remaining natural teeth in position.
  • Reduce stress on the bite.

Dental Bridges in Regina

Our team of general dentists can help you decide if a custom dental tooth bridge is the best choice to restore your smile. If we determine that you are the right candidate for a dental bridge, you can visit us for dental bridges in Regina, SK. To create the dental bridge, we will place dental crowns on the adjacent teeth (the abutments) or dental implants that will hold a false tooth (the pontic) in place. The entire dental bridge procedure typically only requires two visits, and the result is a long-lasting restoration that fits perfectly in place and blends in with your natural teeth.

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