Root Canals
Regina SK

A root canal treatment resolves infection or an untreated cavity in the tooth.

Root canal therapy is a standard dental procedure performed at our general dental office in Regina. It is designed to preserve your natural teeth with infected roots and prevent infection spread to neighbouring teeth. Dr. Greg Konotopetz’s team has done many root canal treatments and offers comprehensive dental services. 

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When Do You Need
a Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal therapy is required when the tissue inside the root of a tooth gets infected or inflamed. It might be caused by an untreated, deep decay, fracture or extensive dental procedures.

The most common and easily preventable reason is the untreated cavity, which eventually infects the pulp of your tooth. The decay from the cavity erodes tooth enamel and dentin until reaching the root canal. At this point, bacteria attack the pulp and cause infection.

A root canal dentist can save the tooth by removing the infected pulp, treating the infection, and filling the empty canals with gutta-percha. The tooth is restored either with a filling or dental crown to protect the treatment site and strengthen it. Without a root canal procedure, the infected tooth will eventually become damaged beyond repair and will require extraction.

Signs To Look For

At first, infection of the pulp may not yield any symptoms. Eventually, it will cause noticeable signs, including:
  • Extreme sensitivity to heat
  • Sensitivity to cold that lasts more than a few seconds
  • Swelling near the tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Pain when biting down, touching it, or pushing on it
  • Discoloration of the tooth, regardless of pain

Our dental team at Signature Smiles will help you determine if your tooth needs a root canal treatment. We will also carefully assess all your teeth condition to ensure that you receive the required dental treatments before developing an infection.

To learn more about root canals or schedule your consultation, contact Signature Smiles in Regina.

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