Dental Implants
Regina, SK

While significant strides have been made in dental care, millions of Canadians suffer tooth loss due to tooth decay, injury or gingivitis. For many years, the only available treatment option was to replace missing teeth with bridges or dentures. The development of dental implants added another option recommended by dentists worldwide, including our team at Signature Smile in Regina, SK.
Dental Implants in Regina, SK

What Is Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that replaces the natural root of a tooth. Screwed into the jaw bone creates a stable foundation for a dental crown, bridge or denture. Thanks to their durability, dental implants became the preferred treatment option for missing teeth in many dental offices in Regina and across Canada.

Benefits Of Implants

Tooth implants provide a solid foundation for either permanent or removable replacement teeth. There are numerous advantages to dental implants, including:
  • Permanent tooth-replacement option
  • Natural-looking appearance
  • Durable
  • Preserves the jaw bone
  • Restores bite force
  • Restores natural speech
  • Improves facial features
  • Stabilizes surrounding teeth

Tooth Implants in Regina, SK

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, consult our dentist in Regina, SK. We will provide you with more information about dental implants and dental implant costs in Regina, Sk.

A gap in your smile will initiate changes such as bone loss, shifting of remaining teeth or changes in facial features. So don’t hesitate and schedule an appointment to explore your treatment options.

FAQs About Dental Implant
in Regina SK

If you think dental implants are for you, then the first step is to visit Signature Smiles for a consultation. Our dentists will examine your smile and your dental records to help you determine the best treatments for you. Book your dental implant consultation today!
Dr. Konotopetz and his dedicated dental team make sure you are fully prepared for your dental implant treatment. We will explain every part of the dental implant procedure to you, including what you can expect during the treatment and aftercare. Make sure to thoroughly read the informed consent form before your dental implant treatment.
Dental implants are a surgical procedure, so they can lead to some minor discomfort. It is common to experience some residual pain on the second day. However, dental implants tend to be less painful than tooth extraction. Furthermore, any discomfort is often controlled by over the counter medication.

Many times, you can convert regular dentures into implant-supported overdenture. Overdentures tend to be more secure and comfortable than traditional dentures. If you’re interested in exploring overdentures, book your appointment with Signature Smiles today.

Initially, the cost of overdentures is higher than conventional dentures. However, they tend to offer a better experience for patients. The dentists at Signature Smiles will help you assess both options to determine which is best for you.
The overdenture process requires multiple steps, so it can take several months to fully complete.
Overdentures can use either two or four implants. Dr. Konotopetz will help determine the best solution for your unique dental needs.
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