Dental Implants 

Dental Implants Regina

Dental Implants Regina

While significant strides have been made in dental care, millions of Canadians suffer tooth loss due to tooth decay, injury or gingivitis. For many reasons, the only option available was to replace missing teeth with bridges or dentures. The development of dental implants added another option to people. This option has become a popular option for Canadians.

Taking Care of Implants

Implants provide a solid foundation for either permanent or removable replacement teeth. There are numerous advantages to dental implants including:

• The appearance of the tooth is made to match your natural teeth
• Improved speech when compared to dentures and bridges
• They are more comfortable than bridges and dentures.
• Eating is pain-free and easier.
• They are very durable and last longer. In most cases lasting a lifetime.
• Adhesives are not needed to keep your dentures in place as they are not removable.

Caring for them is like caring for permanent teeth. Practice good dental hygiene including brushing, flossing and regular check-ups.