The Importance of Fluoride for Adults

Most people are familiar with fluoride treatment for kids. This treatment helped to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.

Some dentists end fluoride applications for patients 14 and older. However, this is not necessary.

You may be wondering, “do adults need a fluoride treatment?”

The answer is that yes, fluoride treatment provides benefits for adults.

Keep reading to learn more.

The Importance of Fluoride for Adults

What is Fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral. However, it’s now an additive in many foods as well.

Consuming fluoride through water and food helps protect our teeth. Sugar creates acid in our mouth that will eat away at tooth enamel. Restoring fluoride on the teeth is necessary for protecting them and preventing decay.

Getting Fluoride at Home

You can also apply fluoride to your teeth with toothpaste, mouthwash, and other at-home products. Doing so helps to restore mineral levels in your tooth enamel. Using fluoride toothpaste daily is an important oral hygiene step. However, at-home solutions do not contain the same concentration of fluoride as professional treatment.

Benefits of Adult Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride helps prevent and address common oral health concerns like gum disease and tooth rot. This mineral strengthens the enamel coating on teeth. It protects teeth from bacteria that can damage enamel.

Gum recession is one oral health concern many adults deal with. When the gums recede, they expose the tooth’s root. The root of the tooth is more susceptible to damage from bacteria. Fluoride offers additional protection for the exposed root.

Even if you already have treatment for a tooth chip or decay, fluoride helps. You are more likely to suffer from cavities after such treatments. Fluoride helps protect your tooth from further decay.

Furthermore, fluoride helps combat tooth sensitivity. It shields the tooth from acidic beverages and food, helping reduce sensitivity.

Fluoride Treatment in Regina, SK

For both children and adults, fluoride treatments in Regina are beneficial. Fluoride application helps to prevent tooth decay and reduce sensitivity. While at-home fluoride products are important to use daily, fluoride application at the dentist is more concentrated.

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