Reasons to Wear Dentures

People missing many or all of their teeth may benefit from dentures. Compared to other restoration options, dentures are affordable and efficient. They can quickly improve the appearance of your smile, but this is really only one reason to consider dentures.

In reality, there are many benefits of wearing dentures to consider.

Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of dentures.

Reasons to Wear Dentures

Improved Speech

Teeth are not just for smiling (though they certainly look beautiful). They are also instrumental in daily activities like speaking.

Missing teeth can alter our speech patterns. They can make it harder to speak clearly, which can make it more challenging for others to understand you as well. Overall, disrupted speech can be frustrating and embarrassing.

Dentures restore your speech by completing your smile. This helps you speak with confidence and enjoy your conversations.

Enjoy Food

Missing teeth also make it harder to eat all of the foods you love. By filling in your smile, dentures allow you to eat as if your natural teeth were still there. You can enjoy all of your favorite foods with dentures. For good denture care to make it last longer: Remove and rinse dentures after eating.

Preserve Your Facial Appearance

Many people don’t realize this until it’s too late, but your teeth also impact your facial structure. They stimulate your jaw bone, helping your face retain a full appearance. Missing many of your teeth can lead to severe changes in your facial structure. Using dentures helps stimulate your jaw bone, which also preserves your facial structure.

Protect Your Natural Teeth

If you still have some teeth remaining, dentures can still be a good option. They can actually help to protect your remaining teeth. Open gaps from missing teeth can contribute to shifting and misalignment. Partial dentures will fill in the tooth gaps, helping to keep your natural teeth in their correct position.

Dentures in Regina, SK

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of dentures for people who are missing all or many of their teeth. The best way to determine if you can benefit from the advantages of dentures is to visit our general dental clinic in Regina . Our team at Signature Smiles will examine your smile and help you determine if dentures are right for you.

Book your appointment for dentures in Regina, SK today!

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