Is My Tooth Dead?

While teeth may not appear or feel alive, they’re made of living tissue. Each tooth has nerves that supply it with a blood source.

When a tooth nerve perishes, you end up with a nonvital tooth.

Keeping a dead tooth in your mouth is far from desirable. It can impact your overall oral health, not to mention the look of your smile!

If you happen to have one, you may require either a root canal or extraction.

But how do you know if your tooth is dying?

Read on to learn the common signs of deteriorating teeth.

Is My Tooth Dead?

Understanding the Death of a Tooth

Tooth decay can impact the pulp, the central part of your tooth that contains nerve tissue and blood vessels. If this area sustains irreparable damage or becomes infected, it will eventually die. Once the pulp perishes, the entire tooth follows suit.

Neglected tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth death. However, dental trauma, like a fractured tooth, can also damage the pulp.

Indicators of a Failing Tooth

Does a dying tooth typically cause pain? Not always. Some individuals may not experience any discomfort with a dead tooth. If pain isn’t the only answer, then what are the signs that your tooth is dying?

  • Discolouration: Is your tooth darkening? Severe tooth discolouration, particularly a grayish hue, sis one of the signs of a deteriorating tooth.
  • Pain: As previously mentioned, not everyone will feel pain. Nevertheless, you might experience discomfort as the nerve dies.
  • Swelling: Examine the gumlines for any signs of swelling.
  • Sensitivity: Is the affected tooth highly sensitive to hot or cold temperatures?
  • Halitosis or unpleasant taste: Do you notice a foul smell or taste in your mouth no matter how often you brush? You may have a dying tooth.

Root Canals in Regina, SK

Ultimately, it’s not easy to determine if you have a dead tooth on your own. But if you notice any of the signs above, then contact our dentist for a professional assessment.

If you’re concerned about the health of your tooth, visit the general dental clinic in Regina, SK. The earlier we detect a nonvital tooth, the better chance we have to preserve it. A root canal in Regina is one of the best ways to address tooth pulp damage and prevent a dead tooth. Rely on our team to evaluate your condition and offer the most suitable dental treatment.

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