How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Does the idea of going to the dentist make your palms sweat? Or your stomach churn?

If the very thought of a trip to the dentist’s office makes you nervous or upset, then you may have a fear of the dentist.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! The fear of the dentist is one of the most common fears that people of all ages have.

You may have had a bad experience, or just hate the unpleasant sounds and smells. But going to the dentist is still important for your oral health. Overcoming the fear of the dentist is imperative to ensure proper dental care, but it’s not easy.

We have some helpful tips for how to not be afraid of the dentist.

Read on to learn more about overcoming the fear of dentists.
How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Assess Your Fears

The first step to how to get over a dental phobia is the understand it. Try to think about where your fear came from. Was it something that happened to you? Did you hear horror stories? Does the environment just make you nervous? Write out your specific fears for your dental phobia. Listing out it will make it easier to address.

Learn About Modern Dentistry

If you’re envisioning the dentist’s office from decades ago, you may have a right to be a bit scared. Modern dental offices have improved vastly! Learning about modern dentistry and the advancements made in the industry can help when overcoming the fear of the dentist. You will realize that some of the tools and procedures you fear most don’t even exist anymore or have been dramatically improved!

Bring Moral Support

There’s no magic bullet for how to not be afraid of the dentist. The process for how to get over the fear of the dentist is a long one. You won’t be able to wait until you feel 100% confident to get dental treatment though. Bringing along someone you trust can help ease your nerves as you work through how to get over the dental phobia. Bring along a family member or close friend who is not afraid of the dentist. They can support you during your appointment and remind you to think rationally.

Find a Dental Clinic in Regina SK

Finding your dentist is critical for overcoming the fear of the dentist.

Our team at Signature Smiles has a dental clinic in Regina, SK filled with general dentists ready to help you with your dental needs. We’ve worked with many patients coping with a fear of the dentists, and we offer sedation dentistry (not as a specialist). Schedule your appointment online today!

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