How to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

Oral healthcare is key for people of all ages. Good dental habits start in childhood. The best way to set your kids up for a life of healthy teeth is to teach them proper dental healthcare at a young age. 

However, it can be quite a challenge to keep your kid’s teeth healthy. Amidst your busy days and child’s stubbornness, healthy teeth for kids can seem like a far-fetched dream. 

In reality, helping children get healthy teeth is a challenge, but it is possible. 

Here are some dental tips for kids. 

How to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

Start Oral Care Early

Waiting too long before taking kids to the dentist only makes it harder for them to adjust. While there is not nearly as much conversation about when children should attend the dentist as there is about the doctor, kids should have their first dental visit by around their first birthday. Aside from this, dental care at home should start even before the first tooth comes in. gently rub a damp washcloth over your baby’s gums to help clean them. As their first tooth comes in, use a gentle baby tooth brush to clean it. 

No Sleeping with Drinks

Young kids naturally fall asleep with a bottle often. While it can be tempting to allow this because of the peace it brings, sleeping with bottles is a bad habit. The milk or juice in the bottle can cause tooth decay and other oral health issues. 

Brushing: Dentist Tips for Healthy Teeth

Daily brushing and flossing are key for children’s healthy teeth, but it can be difficult to get kids to participate. 

Rather than fighting through daily oral healthcare, do your best to make healthy teeth for kids a fun event. Here are a few tips:

  • Allow your kid to pick their favorite tooth brush at the store. 
  • Choose a toothpaste flavor they enjoy. 
  • Play a fun song or video during brush time (ideally one that’s around 2 minutes!)
  • Make it a family event, with everyone taking care of their teeth. 
  • Use points or stickers to gamify brushing and offer a small prize. 

Children’s Dentistry in Regina, SK

All of the dental tips for kids above can help you keep your child’s teeth healthy. However, regular dental visits are also important. Kids should visit the dentist by their first birthday, and then at least once every six months for a children’s dental cleaning and exam. 

For children’s dentistry services in Regina, visit Signature Smiles general dental clinic. Our general dentists provide kids dental services (not as a specialist) and are here to help your kids get healthy teeth! Schedule your appointment today!

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