How to Care for Your Teeth After a Root Canal

Root canals are a common dental procedure used to treat teeth with damaged or decayed pulp. During the root canal, the dentist removes the compromised pulp and then seals the cavity. This helps preserve your natural tooth, and will also help relieve pain. 

Overall, the root canal procedure is fairly simple. However, proper care after a root canal is vital for healing. 

Post root canal care prevents infection and facilitates healing. 

Let’s dive into key root canal treatment aftercare.

How to Care for Your Teeth After a Root Canal

Immediate Post Root Canal Care

Even though root canals are not very invasive, tenderness is still normal after the treatment. The dentist does inject a local anesthetic, and this can cause some soreness and tenderness. It’s also normal for the mouth to feel a little weird as your sensation comes back. 

The dentist in Regina, SK will provide specific instructions for care after the root canal. Make sure you adhere to the instructions. If you are still waiting for a crown or filling, you should avoid eating anything too crunchy or hard. 

To handle any discomfort, over-the-counter medication is a good option. If you notice any excessive pain, then consult your dentist as soon as possible. 

Dental Hygiene After a Root Canal

Your normal everyday dental hygiene practices are key components for after-a-root-canal care. Return to brushing twice daily and flossing as soon as possible. Confirm with your dentist, but you should be able to brush your teeth the same night as your treatment. Of course, exercise caution near the tooth with the root canal.

Aftercare Visit for Root Canal Treatment

AAnother part of care after a root canal is your follow-up dental visit. Sometimes, the second appointment is for installing the permanent tooth filling or tooth crown. Even if you had this done at the first appointment, the dentist will want to check on the tooth and ensure everything went as it should.  If you notice any severe swelling, pain, or lingering numbness, then you should not wait for the visit. Call your dentist right away if you have any concerns about the root canal. 

Root Canals Regina SK

Following these root canal care tips is the best way to ensure your mouth heals properly after a root canal. This treatment option has a very high success rate. If you think you may need a root canal, our team is here to help. For root canals in Regina, SK visit Signature Smiles. Our general dentists are here to help at every step of the way, including root canal treatment aftercare. Book your appointment today!

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