How Does Pregnancy Impact Oral Health?

You may have heard about teeth problems during pregnancy, but is this true or another fairy tale? Pregnancy alters hormones and affects almost all parts of the body. It includes teeth!

Pregnancy dental problems are quite common. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain good oral health.

Here is more information about how pregnancy impacts oral health as well as a few tips on how to prevent tooth problems during pregnancy.

Dentist Explaining Pregnancy's Impact On Oral Health To Patient

Higher Risk of Tooth Decay

There are changes in hormones during pregnancy. Women’s hormone changes during pregnancy make their mouths more acidic, which increases cavities. Additionally, sweet cravings are common during pregnancy. A higher risk of cavity development is associated with sugar intake alongside an acidic mouth.

Brush your teeth at least twice every day to avoid this. Brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything with added sugar as well. Keep flossing as well.

Gum Inflammation

Inflamed gums are another common pregnancy dental problem. Usually, this occurs in the third trimester when the inflammatory response increases. Consequently, the mouth reacts to plaque and bacteria. Approximately 70% of pregnant mothers suffer from pregnancy-induced gingivitis.

Loose Teeth

A scary tooth problem during pregnancy is the feeling of loose teeth. As a result of pregnancy, the “relaxin” hormone relaxes cartilage in your body. Relaxation is intended to relax the pelvis for delivery, but it affects your whole body. Your teeth are affected by relaxin. You may notice teeth moving more than usual. Despite the fact that it can be scary, it is not a major concern.

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Pregnancy teeth problems are caused by a reduction in preventative dental care along with hormonal changes. Expectant mothers have a lot to worry about, especially with the needs of the baby and the other symptoms of pregnancy that make it hard for them to get to the dentist. But dental care is even more critical during pregnancy because of the concerns above. Pregnant women can prevent serious tooth problems by having regular dental visits.

Our dentists in Regina, SK, are here to help with your dental care at all times, including pregnancy. We offer complete oral health care services to help mitigate and treat the dental pregnancy concerns above. Schedule online to choose the most convenient time for you.

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