How Does a Tooth Crown Procedure Work?

Often, tooth crown procedures are used to fix cracked, chipped, or misshaped teeth.

Make sure you understand the procedure and its benefits before you schedule a dental crown procedure.

Dental crowns are one of the most common tooth restoration options dentists use when a simple filling is not sufficient.

Here are some more detailed explanations of the tooth crown procedure.

Dentist & Assistant With Dental X-ray, Showing to Patient

About Dental Crowns in Regina

A tooth crown fits over your existing tooth like a cap. The dental crown procedure can restore damaged or severely decayed teeth. Add a dental crown to protect your tooth and preserve it for a long time. The crowns are manufactured from porcelain, glass, metal, or ceramic.

Reasons for a Tooth Crown

How can you tell if you should have a dental crown? Here are some top signs to consider a tooth crown procedure

  • A tooth that is chipped or cracked
  • Tooth decay
  • Significant wear and tear on a tooth
  • The enamel of a tooth is filled with craze lines or vertical lines
  • If you have a dental bridge or are considering getting one

The failure to have a crown installed when necessary can lead to more severe dental procedures. If you do not get a tooth crown, your teeth might chip or crack even more. Eventually, this may lead to a root canal or a split tooth that needs to be extracted.

The Tooth Crown Procedure

Most often, dental crowns require two visits. Here’s how the process works:

The first visit:

  • The dentist takes x-rays to assess the tooth more.
  • Evaluation of the tooth damage or infection.
  • The dentist files down the tooth to prepare for the crown. In some cases, the dentist may add material to enlarge the tooth so that it’s strong enough to support a crown.
  • Impressions get sent to the dental lab for crown construction.
  • Temporary crown installation to safeguard your tooth until the second appointment.

During the second visit:

  • Removal of the temporary crown.
  • Testing the fit of the permanent dental crown.
  • Local anesthesia to numb the area.

Secure the dental crown in place using a dental adhesive.

Tooth Crown in Regina, SK

Your local Signature Smiles general dental clinic is here to answer any questions you may have regarding the tooth crown procedure. We begin by investigating your oral health and determining if a dental crown is the right solution for you. Our experienced team looks forward to discussing all the crowns teeth procedures and how we prepare a tooth for a crown. Choose the button below to schedule a tooth crown in Regina today!
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