Fear of the Dentist in Regina, SK

One of the biggest obstacles people face going to the denitst is fear. 

A fear of the dentist is a very common thing that people of all ages struggle with. 

In some cases, a bad experience may have scarred you, but in others the fear may seem completely irrational. No matter what the cause is, dental phobia is a serious concern. 

Visiting the dentist regularly is important for your long-term dental health. Consistent dental cleanings and exams help prevent many oral health concerns, often reducing the need for more extensive dental treatments later down the line. 

If you’re looking for a dentist in Regina, turn to the general dental team at Signature Smiles. 

Fear of the Dentist in Regina, SK

Where Does a Dental Phobia Come From?

There are endless reasons why someone may be afraid of the dentist. It’s a very common fear and anxiety that a lot of people battle. 

Some of the common reasons for a dental fear may include:

  • Low quality dental care in the past
  • Painful dental experience 
  • The “medical” smell of a dental office 
  • The unpleasant noises and seemingly scary equipment 
  • Horror stories from friend and family with bad dental experiences
  • Parents instilling anxiety and fear in their kids accidentally 
  • Lack of dental care from a young age (unfamiliar)

Easing Dental Anxieties

Working through dental anxiety is not a quick fix, but it’s very important to do. Dental care is necessary for your oral health, and your overall wellness. 

Here are some strategies for helping dental phobia in Regina:

  • Meeting the dental team before your first visit. 
  • Talking with the dentist about your fears and concerns. 
  • Learning more about modern dental techniques and how they’ve improved. 
  • Journaling about your anxiety and where it may come from 
  • Positive self-talk about the dental appointment 
  • Finding a compassionate, patient dentist 
  • Choosing sedation dentistry during dental treatments 

Dental Clinic in Regina, Sk

Our general dental team at Signature Smiles knows how common a fear of the dentist in Regina is. We never want fear or anxiety to keep you from getting the care you need. Our dentists are happy to answer any questions you may have about dental care. We also offer sedation dentistry to ensure you can receive comfortable, pain-free treatments (not as a specialist). 

Schedule your dental care appointment at our Regina, SK dental clinic today. 

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