Everything You Need to Know About Brushing Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many patients undergo wisdom teeth extraction in Regina at some point. Wisdom teeth extraction is a highly recommended procedure because it helps to keep your teeth healthy and straight. 

After wisdom tooth removal, you must focus diligently on your oral care to ensure safe healing. Improper oral health care following the surgery can lead to an increased risk of infection and complications like dry sockets. 

But wisdom tooth removal recovery can be painful, which may make you hesitant to brush your teeth. For this reason, many patients are unsure about when you can brush their teeth after wisdom teeth removal. 

Today, we’ll share the answer to the question “when can you brush your teeth after wisdom teeth removal” and let you know everything you need to know about brushing your teeth after wisdom teeth removal. 

A Woman Brushing Her Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When Should I Brush My Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth are often removed when impacted, or before they have irrupted. Whether the wisdom teeth were impacted or not, removal can make your mouth pretty sore and swollen. The idea of brushing your teeth after the extraction may be scary. 

However, the American Dental Association recommends that you don’t brush your teeth immediately next to the removal site for that day. Still, by the very next day, you should return to regular brushing and flossing. Of course, approach the area with care, and opt for a manual toothbrush for at least 2 weeks post-op 

How to Brush Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Unless your dentist tells you otherwise, you should brush your teeth the day after wisdom tooth extraction. Still, in the first few weeks after the operation, you may need to take extra precautions. Here are some tips for how to brush your teeth after wisdom teeth removal:

  • Brush slowly and gently near the extraction site. 
  • Opt for a toothbrush with soft bristles. 
  • Brush with care, take your time. 
  • Use a mixture of warm water and salt to rinse your mouth after eating or drinking. 
  • When rinsing your mouth, swish the water gently. 
  • Use mild (less strong or less minty) toothpaste for a few days or weeks.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Regina, SK

To ensure proper healing after wisdom teeth removal, you must brush your teeth with care. While the idea of brushing while you are healing can be frightening, it will only help you in the long run. 

The first step is to choose your dentist for wisdom teeth removal in Regina, SK. Our dental clinic in Regina, SK offers wisdom tooth extraction services (not as a specialist). We will assess your smile to help you determine if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed. Schedule your appointment for a wisdom teeth extraction consultation in Regina, SK today. 

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