Denture Materials: What to Know

Say goodbye to the hassles of missing teeth, which can make eating and talking tricky and dent your confidence. Signature Smiles in Regina has got you covered with tooth replacement solutions. If you’re missing many or all teeth, dentures may be just what you need. 

Dentures are a go-to fix for missing teeth, coming in both partial and full versions to fit your needs. Now, let’s break it down: what’s inside these dentures?

Denture Materials: What to Know

What are Dentures Made Of?

Forget about the old days of animal or wooden teeth replacements. Nowadays, dentures are made of long-lasting materials that do the job well. To get it, you’ve got to look at the frame and the teeth.

Dentures can be made of different material options, including acrylic, nylon, or metal for the frame. Partial ones might have metal clips and an acrylic base, while full ones could be all acrylic or have a bit of metal at the gums.

Then there’s the material for the teeth. You can pick resin or porcelain, both giving a natural look. Porcelain is super strong and stain-resistant, but it’s mostly for full dentures because it can be tough on nearby teeth.

The Denture Process in Regina

Now, let’s see how they make these dentures:

  • Talk with your dentist: They take a mold of your mouth and measure your jaws.
  • Make a model: They use plaster and fake teeth to craft model dentures. The dentist then examines the mold to determine if the fit is right or if it needs alterations. 
  • Put it all together: The final denture is made using the materials you and your dentist chose, ensuring it’s comfy and just for you.

Visit Us for Comfortable Dentures in Regina, SK

Picking the right denture matters, and the crew at Signature Smiles in Regina is ready to help. We work with you to determine the best type and material of dentures. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about the denture process.

If you’re thinking about getting dentures to boost your smile and daily life, set up a consultation for Dentures in Regina today!

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