Aftercare Tips for a Tooth Removal

Dentists will do their best to save your teeth, but in some cases they may need to extract severely damaged teeth.

Tooth extraction is a simple procedure that involves removing one or more teeth. When you have a tooth extracted, you might be able to restore your smile with a dental bridge or dentures.

To ensure your oral health is at its best, you must make sure your tooth extraction heals correctly.

Read to learn some of the key post-extraction aftercare tips to follow.

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What to Do After Tooth Extraction

  • Bite down firmly but gently to keep the gauze pad in place for 30 minutes.
  • Consume a cold liquid after removing the gauze to help stop bleeding.
  • For 24 hours after the procedure, avoid using a straw.
  • Exercise caution when chewing or drinking so that you do not bite and injure your tongue, lips, or cheeks. Numbness may last for up to 6 hours.
  • Come back to the dentist in 7 days for suture removal.

Things Not to Do After Tooth Removal

Avoid the following in the first 24 hours after your removal procedure to ensure proper healing:

  • Straw usage
  • Blowing your nose
  • Smoking
  • Hot liquids
  • Chewing near the extraction site
  • Hard, crunchy foods
  • Playing a musical instrument that requires blowing
  • Brushing or rinsing your mouth (then avoid the extraction site for 3 days)
  • Excessive spitting

Tooth Extraction in Regina, SK

At dental clinic in Regina, SK, we take time to explain post-extraction instructions to our patients and make sure they understand their role in healing. We’ll explain aftercare for your tooth removal and give you a helpful guide to take home. For your convenience, our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about the instructions after tooth extraction.

Schedule your tooth extraction appointment in Regina today.

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