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Orthodontics (not by a specialist)

Invisalign Regina

Invisalign involves wearing a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that help to shift teeth into the proper position. Like braces, Invisalign correct overcrowding, overbites and spacing problems with teeth. Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign are preferred by...
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Braces for Adults

With the invention of clear braces such as Invisalign and other inventions that reduce the appearance of braces, more and more adults are wearing braces.  It's never too late to have a beautiful smile correcting dental issues related to crooked teeth, the spacing of teeth...
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Braces for Children

Give your child a smile they deserve.  At Signature Smile, we provide orthodontic treatment for children.  We can straighten and align your child's teeth with little to no invasive treatment.  Children aged seven or older that are experiencing issues such as crooked...
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Orthodontic Treatments (not by a specialist)

Besides the benefit of an improved bite and straighter teeth, orthodontic treatments can improve a person's overall confidence, self-esteem and self-image.  Orthodontic treatments alleviate potential health problems associated with crooked teeth including alleviating...
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