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Oral Healthcare Recommendations & Tips For Parents

Here is a quick checklist of things that parents can do to help ensure their child's dental hygiene:

• Visit a dentist within six months of the signs of the first tooth or by age one.
• Use bottles for bedtime only with water. Napping or sleeping with milk or juice can cause tooth decay
• Drink from a cup after the age of one.
• Breaking the thumb sucking habit by the age of 2
• Don't use sugary substances on pacifiers
• Limit sugary snacks and juices
• Use a child toothbrush with only a pea-size amount of toothpaste
• Clean gums while the teeth are coming in.
• Supervise teeth cleaning and brushing activities till the age of 8
• Make sure they are receiving the correct amount of fluoride by talking with Dr. Konotopetz.
• Clean pacifiers or utensils with water. Do not use your own mouth and then give them to children as bacteria can be passed along.