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Braces For Children

Give your child a smile they deserve. At Signature Smile, we provide orthodontic treatment for children. We can straighten and align your child's teeth with little to no invasive treatment. Children aged seven or older that are experiencing issues such as crooked teeth, crowding, or misaligned jaw are candidates for early orthodontic treatment. The advantage of correcting it early in children is that while they are still growing it is easier to make corrections.
Early treatment provides a great foundation for permanent teeth to develop properly. It can also prevent the need to remove permanent teeth later to correct overcrowding or surgical procedures to align lower and upper jaws.  

Benefits of Braces for Children

There are a number of options available for orthodontic treatments for children depending on the extent of their dental issues. These options include braces, headgear, removable appliances, retainers, and oral surgery.

Contact our office. Dr. Konotopetz will develop a plan that will provide for your child's needs.