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Meet the Staff

Signature Smiles Team


Administrative Assistant ~ Lisa began her career in the dental field over 20 years ago. She began working in sterilization management when Dr. Konotopetz had a clinic in Weyburn and had since progressed to Administrative Assistant after moving to Regina. Lisa enjoys meeting new people in the clinic and helping them maintain their dental health. When she isn't working, Lisa spends time with her daughter at home and always enjoys relaxing with a good book.


Registered Dental Hygienist ~ Jordyn is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has just joined the Signature Smiles team. Jordyn graduated from a private hygiene school in Ontario, and we're thrilled that she now calls Regina her home.


Certified Dental Assistant ~ Krista is a busy wife and mother of two children. Krista and Eddy are expecting their third child, and because of some health issues related to her pregnancy, she has taken early maternity leave. We wish Krista all the best and look forward to meeting their little bundle of joy in early January 2019.


Dental Assistant ~ Angel is also a busy wife and mother of two girls. Angel and her family are originally from the Philippines where they still have lots of family and friends.


Certified Dental Assistant ~Navneet is married with a young child. Navneet and her husband came to Canada from India. Navneet is fluent in a number of different languages, and she has been a huge help translating for our foreign clients.


Administrative Assistant and Dental Assistant ~Alexis is not only busy helping her co-workers with assisting Dr. Konotopetz, but she also helps Lisa with administrative duties. Lex also works at McDonald's in her spare time. We love to tease her about how much McDonald's food she eats - you'd think she'd get tired of it with working there!


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