Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Here are some common questions that we can answer!

  • I Don't Like My Smile. What Can I Do?

    They are a number options available to improve your smile. Check out our cosmetic services section for more information. Arrange an appointment with Signature Smiles, and we'll develop a personalized plan for you for your new smile.   

  • How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Improve The Appearance Of My Smile?

    Looking to improve your smile? Signature Smiles can provide a number of solutions to improve your smile from whitening your teeth, tooth coloured composite fillings, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, dental implants, and clear or traditional braces.

  • Do Clear Braces Worked For Straightening Crocked Teeth?

    Clear braces are effective for mild to moderate tooth misalignment. At Signature Smiles, we will provide you with a proper determination of whether clear braces or traditional orthodontics or retainers are your best treatment option.    

  • What Are The Benefits To Clear Braces?

    Clear braces benefit teens and adults in that they can continue their normal daily social and professional interactions with discreet, comfortable and effective braces. Clear braces can gradually align teeth without anyone noticing you are wearing them.

    Clear braces also reduce the risk of cavities often associated with traditional metal braces as they are removable and more effective for oral hygiene.

  • Can Teens Wear Clear Braces?

    Clear braces can be used by teenagers. They are effective and safe for mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

  • Can Clear Braces Be Used To Close Gaps In Teeth?

    They are very effective for closing minor to moderate gaps between teeth.  

  • How Much Does It Cost To Get A Great Smile?

    The cost varies depending on the procedures required. Arrange an appointment with Signature Smiles, and we'll work on a plan to improve your smile within your budget.  

  • What Will My Smile Look Like?

    We work with you to determine how you want to look and the plan to get you there. At Signature Smiles, we can provide you with cosmetic imaging that allows you to see what you can expect. Ask us what can be done to give you a smile you desire.

  • I Have Dental Insurance, Will It Pay For My New Smile?

    Dental coverage varies depending on your employer and plan. At Signature Smiles, we can provide suggestions for alternative financing methods and work to maximize your benefits so that you can obtain the treatment of your choice.  

  • How Many Visits Will It Take To Improve My Smile?

    Depending on your specific needs and goals. Sometimes we can dramatically improve your smile in just a couple of visits. We strive to make your treatment as convenient as possible for minimizing frequent trips to the office. We'll develop a plan that works for your situation. 

  • Is My New Smile Permanent?

    With proper dental oral hygiene and regular dental appointments, you can extend the life of all your dental restorations.   

  • What Are Porcelain Veneers And How Can They Improve My Smile?

    Porcelain veneers are thin tooth-shaped porcelain made shells that are crafted specifically for your teeth. They are very popular for those seeking to restore or enhance their smile. Veneers are commonly used for severely discoloured or stained teeth, fixing worn or chipped teeth, correcting cosmetic issues like tooth crowding, sizing or spacing.

    Veneers can provide you with your signature smile.

  • If My Teeth Are Reshaped For Veneers Or Crowns, What Will They Look Like? Are They Sensitive?

    Teeth restorations such as veneers or crowns require two visits. The first visit is to shape the teeth and then one to cement the restorations to the teeth. Typically, we prevent sensitivity between visits by placing an attractive provisional restoration in place. These are designed to be comfortable and natural looking until your new signature smile is complete.

  • If I Have Veneers, Will I Get Cavaties?

    There is no higher or lower incidence of tooth decay with veneers as long as they receive proper care.

  • How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

    Porcelain veneers can last between 7 and 20 years. However, there can be accidents that result in veneers coming off or being chipped. If this occurs, we can repair or replace them. As well, over time living tooth and gum tissue may undergo changes that require alterations to the veneers.

  • How Do I Get My Veneers To Match Other Teeth?

    This concern will be addressed by the Dentist. Most people get their veneers in a whiter shade than their natural teeth and then undergo tooth whitening to create a matching aesthetic.

  • Do Porcelain Veneers Stain?

    No they should never stain.

  • If I Want Dental Implants, How Do I Start?

    Getting dental implants begins as every dental procedure does: with a visit to Signature Smiles. The dentist will examine your current condition and your records, then help you make an informed decision as to the dental implants. 

  • What Do I Need To Do Before Dental Implant Surgery?

    Dr. Konotopetz will thoroughly explain your dental implant surgery to you, from before it begins, through the procedure, and all aftercare. You will be given an informed consent form to read and sign before surgery. Make sure you read this form thoroughly.

  • Are Dental Implants Painful?

    Most patients do experience some minor discomfort the first day after their dental implant surgery and may still have a little residual pain the second day, but when compared to tooth extraction, dental implants tend to be less painful.

  • Can I Convert Dentures To An Implant Overdentures?

    This is something that Dr. Konotopetz will need to determine based on an assessment of your current situation. However, it is not out of the question, so be sure to ask.

  • Are Overdentures Expensive?

    Overdentures are more expensive than conventional dentures, so weigh this carefully with the vast benefits overdentures provide.

  • How Long Does It Take To Get Overdentures?

    The entire process can take several months.  

  • Do I Need Two Or Four Implants For Overdentures?

    Dr. Konotopetz will outline the best solution for you. There are several considerations to be explored when considering two or four implants.  

  • Can My Teeth Be Whitened?

    Most people are candidates for tooth whitening, but again, each situation is unique, and it’s best to arrange an appointment with us to determine the best treatment.  

  • How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

    Typically you can expect whitening to last from six months to two years, although some studies report results lasting up to ten years. Avoiding red wine, coffee, and smoking — all of which can cause staining — helps preserve the results

  • How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

    Professional whitening ranges in price depending on if you want at-home bleaching kits or done with extensive in-office procedures. Expect to pay between $300 and $1,000.     

  • Does Tooth Whitening Cause Permanent Teeth Sensitivity?

    Teeth whitening can cause sensitivity. It goes away within one to two days after the treatment, and you will return to the state of sensitivity you had before starting the whitening process.

  • Does Tooth Whitening Effects Crowns, Veneers Or Fillings?

    Tooth whitening has little or no effect on restorative materials such as porcelain or crowns, but it may temporarily reduce the bond strength between enamel and composite restorations. This is why it’s a good idea to have Dr. Konotopetz assess your readiness for whitening before beginning any course of tooth whitening.

  • Is Tooth Whitening Bad For My Enamel?

    No, there are no damages to enamel when whitening teeth.

  • Is Tooth Bleaching Safe?

    Yes, many studies have proven that tooth whitening is safe. You can protect your tooth enamel by using calcium sulphate and fluoride.